I’m Michelle Ostrelich and I want to be your next State Senator because winning one more vote in the New York State Senate matters. It actually matters a lot this year. This is the year when we can make REAL CHANGE happen. We are one vote shy of passing life-changing, economy building legislation.

Let’s make it happen — together.

Pass Universal Health Care for New York

Universal health care is a no-brainer. We are the only modern industrialized country that doesn’t provide health care for all of its citizens. If you are sick, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job because a minor, untreated illness becomes serious. We know that a car accident or a cancer diagnosis can wipe out a family’s resources and put multiple generations into poverty. It’s wrong. It’s not good for our families or our local economy.

We are so close to having what we need. The New York State Assembly voted to pass the New York Health Act four times. Put me in the New York State Senate in 2018 with a Democratic majority, and I will see to it that we pass game-changing legislation ensuring universal health care for all New Yorkers.

Every person, regardless of age or income must be covered by universal, comprehensive health insurance. It will also save all of us money.

  • Saves money because it could cost less than private insurance. A whopping 20 cents of every private insurance health care dollar in NY is spent on administration compared to only 2 cents of every health care dollar spent on administration in the state’s Medicaid program.
  • Saves money with the state-wide power to eliminate unfair pricing on drugs and medical devices.

Pass The New York Child Victims Act

Under current law, New York State requires child victims of sexual assault to sue their attackers by the age of 23. The average victim of a childhood assault reports their assault at least 20 years after it happened. The Child Victims Act is common sense legislation that would extend the statute of limitations allowing greater opportunity for those victims to seek justice.

The Child Victims Act has passed the New York State Assembly. It has the support of the Governor. It is just one vote shy of passing the New York State Senate to become law. Our current State Senator sits, as a majority member, on the Senate Codes Committee which did not let the bill come to the floor for a vote. I will vote to protect our children. I will vote for justice for survivors of childhood sexual assault.

Secure Full and Fair Funding for Public Schools

I will fight for full and fair funding for our public schools—also known as Foundation Aid. The Gloversville City School District is owed $3 Million in Foundation Aid. Shenendehowa Central Schools are owed $9 Million.  the City of Schenectady School district is owed $44 Million. And, the list goes on.  That money belongs in our classrooms.

Public schools are the engine of our middle class. I benefited from a public school education that was a pathway to a well-paid job. Our children deserve no less. We need one more vote in the New York State Senate to have a Democratic majority and push for what our children and teachers need. Advocating for public education is a priority and an investment in our future.

  • Recapture unpaid Foundation Aid
  • Update and reform the Foundation Aid formula
  • Invest in smaller class sizes
  • Provide enhanced mental health services in every building

Grow Jobs and our Middle Class

Growing local jobs requires more than showing up for ribbon cuttings. My priority is to bring jobs to our district and make sure people are trained to succeed in those jobs. I’ll be the State Senator who will roll up her sleeves and bring business leaders, financing, state and local government, labor, and our local educators together to build projects and partnerships that work for our local economies. It’s hard work. Many politicians don’t like to do it because it’s not glamorous, and it doesn’t win you headlines. But I’m not in this to build a political career. I’m here to build our middle class and make families secure.

  • Build economic opportunities and local jobs with Schenectady’s Metroplex, Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership and similar authorities districtwide.
  • Invest in programs that transition from education to well-paid careers. For example, TECH-SMART in Malta, PTECH in Johnstown, and the Tech Valley Regional High School.
  • Attract new business and empower existing local employers by implementing universal health care.
  • Free local businesses from the expense and burden of providing health care benefits. Currently, New York employers pay $2 billion for employee health care each year.
  • Encourage existing small businesses to expand
  • Build a healthier, more productive local workforce